Friday, June 06, 2014

AFP-FSP Twins Separated at Birth

This is Greg Moore, from the NH branch of Americans For Prosperity. AFP is a far, far right political advocacy group, funded by the Koch brothers. Here we see him urging members of the Free State Project (armed libertarians moving to NH to take over and dismantle our state government, then threaten secession - also funded by the Koch brothers) to run for office. 

Carla Gericke is the President of the FSP. 
Mark Warden is a soon-to-be former State Representative, pondering a run against State Senator Lou D'Alessandro. 
Dan and Carol McGuire are Free Staters and state reps, living in Epsom. 

This is from the Free State Project website:

We are not a political action organization. We are not tied to any political party or organization; we do not run candidates for election; we do not financially support or endorse candidates; and we do not oppose or endorse legislation. 

Hmmm. One of these things is not like the other. They aren't a political action organization - they just want to act politically. This doe-eyed disingenuous routine is getting old. 

Note: It's true that they aren't tied to any political party. They mostly run as Republicans, but they encourage people to run as a member of whatever party is most likely to get them elected.

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Anonymous said...

what is Truth after all?

and why should it matter, unless it gets you where you're going?

Anonymous said...

And which statement was by, or for, the FSP?

What evidence do you have that Koch funded the FSP?

I ask, because the one stated goal, "the maximum role of government to protect lives and property", is something that Koch doesn't like. Why would they fund something they don't want?

susanthe said...

Show me some proof that the Kochs don't want limited gummint, there anonymous, and we might talk.

Kate said...

Hey Anonymous, since you don't give a hoot about the truth, why do you need proof all of a sudden?

How about this, because its evident to most people who have half a brain.

And how about this too, the truth can be found when you use whatever brain you have a do a little research -- that is effort.

So if you want truth and think this blogger ain't speaking it, then by all means, do your own truth seeking and proof us all as liars.

But we know that honestly, truthfully, you won't bother and the truth is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Individuals who are pathological liars and have no moral spine nor values never bother with truth. We're given to believe we must be terrified of foreign terrorist groups as well as foreign religious groups such as the Taliban. Clearly none of these are nearly as terrifying as our own homegrown varietal crazies. Anyone who eschews TRUTH is someone to be terrified of. The comment sounded like someone who would liken themselves to a Machiavellian fantasy. This group clearly belongs in Russia where they can buddy up to the likes of Putin who would be nodding and buddying up with them.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting anonymously, but I'm not the same anonymous who posted above.

From my perspective, the FSP is not a political action organization. The fact that some of the people involved are politically active doesn't mean the organization itself is. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like the FSP statement is intended to suggest that the organization and all of it's members are apolitical. It honestly seems to be more directed at its members, basically saying, "Feel free to get involved in politics once you come here, but we, as an organization, aren't going to fund your campaign or back your issue." It's not disingenuous; it's just a clarification of what the organization does and doesn't do.

In response to Kate, "evident to to most people who have half a brain" is not a compelling argument. Throughout history, lots of people have believed lots of things that turned out to be wrong, so "evident to most people" isn't very convincing.

Kate said...

Anonymous, you can say what you like. A spade is a spade. Legally, any organization that makes political action toward a certain goal are part of their mission is a political organization.

The FSP is just that, a political organization that espouses a political agenda and doctrine.

The facts speak for themselves. In fact arguing this is really akin to arguing whether or not the sky is blue. It is. Just because you say its not doesn't deny the obvious fact it is.

The FSP has a leader and has many co-leaders or minions who espouse an agenda; move as many people into New Hampshire to change the political landscape as possible.

Their adherents sign a pledge, they agree on the meaning of certain key terms and concepts. Many even go so far as to identify themselves as followers by changing their surnames to incorporate the "free" word to indicate their loyalty.

The only piece missing is the visible compound but we also know that there exists a loose network of locals who host out of staters and help them become acquainted with the area, find jobs and then relocate to areas where they can spread the doctrine and participate in political action (to fulfill their mission).

Sounds like not only a political group, but a bit of a cult.

But we know, adherents are supposed to deny its existence. Like all cults, follow your leader so as you are told. But when it comes to making moves toward changing our state to meet your own belief system, expect a lot of push-back.

victoria said...

Well said Katie, responding to Anonymous #1. What this person doesn't come close to acknowledging is that while some Free Staters apparently have no interest in politics, - those who do are focused on the original vision of Jason Sorens, - to deconstruct state and local government and end the connection to the federal government, come hell or high water.

It's the flame to draw people here. NH's tax benefits, quality of life, microbreweries, etc. are icing on the cake for libertarians.