Monday, June 02, 2014

Tourists Treated Like #2 in NH

This is the Sanbornton rest area, heading south on I-93. Note the rust around the bottom of the door, the mold growing on the outside of the rather shabby building. The rest area is only open from 8 am to 8 pm, to accomodate your peeing needs:


Scenes from the ladies room

At least the ventilation system is working. 

Tourism - NH's second largest industry. The parking lot at this rest stop was filled with out of state cars, who will take this memory home with them to cherish.  

Tourism is our #2 business - and apparently treating our tourists like #2 is the way we roll. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this NH disgrace Susan. Be sure to check with Dan and Carol McGuire concerning the Epsom rest stop, long overgrown, speaking volumes to tourists and residents these days about how much New Hampshire actually values its "quality of life".

Anonymous said...

I am unfortunately familiar with the Sanbornton horror. Live Free or Die holding it in. Real smart, real civilized.

Anonymous said...

Number one in tanks,
Number one in planes,
Number one in war,
With number two for brains.