Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is Marching in Party Lockstep Effective Legislating?

The NH House Republican Alliance has released their legislative scorecard. From the Concord Monitor we learn that: 

Area Republican Reps. JR Hoell of Dunbarton and Carol McGuire of Epsom ranked in the top 10, supporting the party position on 118 selected bills 97.6 and 99 percent of the time, respectively.

JR Hoell was ranked as marching in party lockstep 99% of the time. 

What the folks at HRA didn't look at is effectiveness. How effective a legislator is Representative Hoell?

He sponsored 35 bills in 2014. Of those bills, 29 were voted ITL. That means inexpedient to legislate, which means the bill was killed. Another 4 of Hoell's bills went to interim study, which is often where bills go to die. Two of his bills were tabled. 

Not one of the bills sponsored by Rep. Hoell actually passed. 

At the  NH General Court website, you can look up legislators and find the bills they sponsored and their voting records. Click on find your legislator, then house roster, and use the drop down menu to find the list of state representatives. 


Anonymous said...

Following blindly, thinking, voting, behaving, speaking in lockstep with one's "tribe" is the ultimate example of primitive, neanderthal and non frontal cortex thought process. This is where we are at. Idiots who lead other idiots. No IQ here. Emotional reflex and responses only. Very right wing. Very brown shirt.

Brian Loudermilch said...

0Rep. Hoell and Rep. McGuire have absolutely NO INTENTION of doing anything that might actually help
the People of New Hampshire.

They despise the very idea of "Government".

They would gladly burn down the Statehouse if there was ANY
chance that they could Actually get away with it.

They claim that "Government" Doesn't work and they do Everything possible to make sure that it Doesn't.