Sunday, June 08, 2014

Vermont May Eliminate Entry Fees at State Parks

Vermont. New Hampshire. So close and yet so very far.... 

Last year, NH wanted to make senior citizens pay $20 for a season's pass to our state parks. 

This year Vermont is having an entirely different conversation:
Free state parks? Some Vermont House lawmakers think it's a good idea.
A proposal in the House calls for dropping the day use entry fee for everyone. Visitors over 14 years old currently pay a $3 entry fee or $80 for a season pass

Next weekend it's Vermont Days when residents can visit state parks, historical sites, and the Vermont History Museum absolutely free of charge. And everyone (resident or not) can fish on the 14th without a license. 
Meanwhile in NH - we've got some liquor stores on the highway! Just don't use the bathrooms.

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Anonymous said...

VT continues to lead the way in so many areas. What a great citizenry in that state!!!