Sunday, June 08, 2014

Would Walt Disney Approve of the Robin Hoodlums?

The Robin Hoodlums of Free Keene (aka the Free State Project) are some unemployed youth who prance around all day putting money in parking meters, and harassing the city's parking enforcement employees. 

Free Keene Robin Hood

They find themselves heroic  for making the lives of working people unbearable. Given that they aren't working people (no one knows who is subsidizing the hoodlums, or buying their expensive video equipment) this is especially offensive.  

A recent NY Times story didn't cast them in a flattering light. 

This is their logo:  

If that looks familiar - it is:

I'm a little surprised that the usually protective and litigious Disney doesn't object to their image being used in this way, by this group. 

I'm even more surprised that they don't object to this use of their movie - because if there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that the Robin Hoodlums didn't ask for permission. (In the real world, we call that THEFT) 

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