Thursday, June 12, 2014

CopBlock Backpedaling Furiously

In the sudden glare of negative media attention, the folks at CopBlock are backpedaling rather furiously:  

We at Cop Block would like to address the article  written and shared to Cop Block’s Facebook page by former author, Christopher Cantwell, entitled Dead Men Don’t Start Revolutions, as it was reasonably and understandably concerning to many of you and many of us.

Suddenly Chris Cantwell's violent rhetoric is a problem, so now he's a "former" author. 

Some of the folks behind CopBlock have signed on to say that they don't support cop killing, they are believers in the non-aggression principle, and so on. One of the signers is Pete Eyre, who is a CopBlock founder. 

Adam Mueller, aka Ademo Freeman is NOT one of the signers. In fact, he tweeted this out:

Cantwell was a CopBlock administrator even after he was ousted by the Free State Project for violent rhetoric.  This sudden ouster is all about keeping the "slaves" (all you nice liberals who post CopBlock memes) from being upset about the violence these folks espouse. 

 Some background.

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