Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big Turd Lands in Free State Project Punchbowl

Poor Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project. She's desperately trying to keep up the pretense that the FSP is a benign, peace loving bunch of folk, moving to NH to enjoy Freedumb and Libertea. 

That's a hard enough sell, given that the FSP is a bunch of armed miscreants moving to NH to take over the state, dismantle the government, and threaten to secede. 

But for Carla it's been a tough month or so, with all the negative media attention generated by the recent spree of cop killings and the the link to Cop Block  (all of the killers were fans of Cop Block) which was founded by members of the Free State Project. In fact, Free Stater Chris Cantwell was cheering on Justin Bourque, the Canadian who killed 3 RCMPs and wounded a few others:

 Not exactly the kind of publicity that Carla is trying to attract before their big annual festive gathering in Lancaster. After all, she's trying to court the national media to cover the sanitized story she wants to tell - about plucky libertarians and Bitcoin. She wants the national media to ignore the story of violent rhetoric from Free Staters who are vocal about their desire to kill police and use violence to take over.  She's been lucky so far. This story isn't being covered nationally. Hell, it's not even being covered by the NH media, who often function as sycophants for the FSP.

The boys at Cop Block were persuaded to take Cantwell off their page as a commenter/moderator, because it didn't look good.  Cop Block co-founder Adam Mueller acknowledged that this was being done for PR reasons.

Slaves? That refers to all of you misguided folk who post Cop Block memes on your FB pages, and so on. If you aren't one of the FSP cult, they have nothing but contempt for you. 

The dust was settling after all the cop killing, no one picked up on Ian Freeload's opposition to an age of consent for children and adults having sex, and she had survived the contempt of Larken Rose and his friend Josie, the self-styled outlaw:

it looked as if Carla's fantasy of a DIY themed (snort) PorcFest was about to come true. Of course this wasn't exactly DIY home improvement tips. No, this involves workshops on lock picking and building an AR-15, because of course people who come in peace come with AR-15s. One of the boys even put together this attempt at diverting attention from the recent talk of violence. Sad that it needed to be done. But, still, all was fairly quiet on the freedom front. 

Then a big, big turd landed in the Free State Project punchbowl. 

Chris Cantwell  has moved to Keene. Last week he was filmed there by folks from the Colbert Show. In a week or two this is going national! Let's All Welcome Chris Cantwell to NH! 

He's living right near the cult headquarters at the Church of the FreeLoad - and looking for roommates and financial contributions. Ian Bernard and Rich (no longer a Free Man) Paul have been trying to get Cantwell to move to Keene for some time, even though they kicked him out of the "activist center" and were happy to see him leave town just 2 years ago. Ian FreeLoad claimed in 2012 that Cantwell's pro violent rhetoric went against Ian's belief system. 

What happened, Ian? Have you embraced violence as a solution? Was all that talk of peace and nonviolence just a convenient charade? 

Poor Carla. This isn't apt to go well. An unstable, violent, self-admitted drunk, out there in Keene playing to the media? 

This Martha Stewart version of PorcFest she's trying to pull off might not go the way she planned. 

Cantwell kicked out of the FSP because he started talking about using violence when the FSP was wailing at being called potential domestic terrorists. The last thing they wanted was for anyone to find out that the Concord PD might well have been right. 


Tammy said...

Thanks for the info. Keep it coming.

nellewrites said...

Watching the video you posted, reading your description of various freenutter doings, a lot of things are apparent, and the biggest is there is no freedom associated with them. They are all about imposition, just like any other bully-based group. They wish to impose and enforce their outlook, and they intend to impose and enforce that outlook even if it means harming others.

So the video woman mentions fear of looking like a terrorist. Fear of? Maybe there fear, but there is no fear with us. You are bullies. You are terrorists, and you should be on a watch list in DC. You've earned a place there.

Anonymous said...

I do hope the editor of New Hampshire Magazine follows your blog, Susan. He gave these creeps free PR a few months back.

Andi Johnson said...

And, then there's Ian Freeman's political positions for Governor:

Julia Riber Pitt said...

As cringe-worthy as these people are, I'm actually kind of relieved knowing their movement is starting to faction off. I watched that Larken Rose video and his buddy (girlfriend?) kept going on about "competing events" in NH next summer to steal away Porcfest's "monopoly". That's where it's going, apparently.

Anyway, I'm pretty glad I got the heck out of NH and am living in "socialist" France as of right now.

Brian Loudermilch said...

They should be called the Free from Any Rational Thought Project.

They are a Nasty bunch of Anarchists vainly trying
to Sell themselves as a peaceful political party.

A Peaceful political party that arms itself with AR-15 semi-automatic Rifles.

A Peaceful political party that openly discusses the "Proper" time
to murder members of the Police.

Hey, Maybe it's Just Me.
That Doesn't sound very Peaceful.

Anonymous said...


this is very dirty language typical from the left.

it's also too simplistic along the line of black and white; they have guns, they must be violent; they got cantwell, they must be thugs; and they're mostly white males, they must be out to overthrow our social safety system.

This is hardly fair especially when we have progressed so far as saying since they're blacks, they must not be necessarily criminals. Make up your own examples.

And that's where the predominantly women population is opposing freekeene and the fsp -- in spite -- of freely association and welcoming spirit that puts Carla in charge.

This simmplicity is hurting us as a whole. Our foreign policy continues to funnel larger sums to the war industry.

Our students continue to rack up debts to the tune of 1 trillion.

Our nation keeps pushing up real national debt to the tune of some 600 trillion because nobody bothers doing accounting anymore.

I once heard wars hurt women and children the most.

I'm a Free Stater and I try to do something about the way America is heading. I hate slavery and that's why I fight hard for liberty. Is it so difficult to see we're predominantly debt slaves?

And by speaking my mind, I meant we need to her concern for our women. It's not necessarily equality since we have all the laws out there making us equal. Women enjoy so much benefits and make up the majority of college population. They also are the majority consumer of porn.

You said you were raped and that has to do with the way you are today. When is it enough? Are you going to stop short of playing out the scene in Clint Eastwood's "sudden impact"?

When researchers revisited the st. matthew island, they found only one sterile male and all else females. That's where we are.

we're mostly miscreants as you said but since when women get to talk like that? You sound like a neocon and I'm not a fan of either Graham, Brown, or McCain. they're psychopaths that destroyed our country.

I like my people...out of our low social status, we heed the call to fight for liberty. The rich/good looking/and famous sell themselves to the highest bidder at the expense of everyone else.

So I urge women to step up to their responsibilty and abandon fear. I sincerely urge Free Staters not to kill political opponents because Susan fears that. I'm not insinuating anything.

You don't like FreeKeeners because they're political. I think by and large, FSP is about genuine strides to set our state in the correct path. We lose you and the women when we are being political.

Let's stop the hate. We're better than this. We should find some way to give our lives meaning other than letting hate, vengeance, and intellectual laziness burn us up in the inside.

susanthe said...

Dear Anonymous:

Some more dirty language from the left: You're a coward. If you had the courage of your convictions, you'd use your real name.

The FSP is anti-feminist. Stop trying to pretend otherwise. The libertarian movement does not appeal to women - stop pretending it does.

Your rant about spending and war has nothing to do with the blog you're responding to. It's typical FSP bullshit. You can't respond honestly, so you attempt to divert the subject.

As for my rape - you want to discuss that, you leave a comment that includes your real name and a phone number so I can verify it. I'm not discussing my rape with an anonymous asshole.

You want to stop the hate?

Stop lying. Open your books, and show us all where the funding for the FSP comes from.

Stop lying. The goal of the FSP is to take over the state. Own it. Apologize for it. Disband the Free State Project.

Stop lying about being a peaceful movement. People who come in peace don't come armed. Lay down your weapons. Stop lying.

I don't fear you. Stop lying.

It's really pathetic that you all are armed to the teeth but you're afraid to use your own goddam names.

I won't print another rant from you unless you use your name and provide me with a way to verify it.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these misguided individuals appear to be very young. This would make them empty headed, highly hormonal and highly emotional. In other words, wholly incapable of governing, or anything close to. A bunch of losers - period.

Anonymous said...

Haha oh Susan. The libertarian movements doesn't "appeal" to women??? Because it's about having the Liberty to do what you want without harming anyone? Or because the flipside to that is not telling other people how to live their lives?? Haha I'm not sure what the point your making is? Are feminists only powerful if they have the backing of a corrupt government? Is that the point you're going for?

Anonymous said...

Also, they bring weapons for self defense, the same thing you so poetically painted as "violence".

This right is guaranteed by the Constitution. Would you say we shouldnt have the right to defend ourselves from an aggressor? Even if this aggressor has a JOB that gives him a magic badge to do anything he wants??

Anyone answering yes has obviously kept their head in the sand concerning the police state and the thousands of INNOCENT PEOPLE who are murdered, assaulted, or abused (usually over the cop's ego) every year.

Anonymous said...

His girlfriend?? Hahaha bitch that's Josie the Outlaw!

susanthe said...

Again, I must point out the irony of a group of people armed to the teeth, yet too cowardly to use their own names when they post here at my blog.

I'm not surprised the most recent anonymous doesn't get my point. The FSP and libertarianism in general is filled with whiny MRA type men.

susanthe said...

If the FSP is about "not telling people how to live their lives" than why are you running for office in the gummint you claim to despise?

susanthe said...

You move to one of the safest states in the nation with the stated intent of taking over and dismantling our government, and threatening secession, and then you whimper about how peaceful your intentions are.

People who have peaceful intentions don't come brandishing weapons.

susanthe said...

Ha ha ha ha nameless cowardly dick! Am I supposed to be impressed by some girl with a gun?

Anonymous said...

"Debt slave" speak for yourself. No one can make you feel like slave without your permission. If you feel like a "debt slave" perhaps you should take some classes in economics and history. Start with Alexander Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Free staters, quit yer whining. The bottom line is most people here New Hampshire DO NOT LIKE YOU and want you to go away. All your "explaining" and rationalizing falls on unsympathetic ears. The more you whine, the sillier you look. We're sorry you have a psychological problem and don't feel "free" enough. A movement isn't going to solve that persecution complex. Cultmeister Ron Paul isn't going to solve that persecution complex. Dr. Headshrink might help, though.

Baron said...

Sure is echo chamber in here. Though at least you guys can agree on what to cirle jerk about, the FSP sadly cannot.

And all I wanted was a circle jerk.

nellewrites said...

(For commenter reference, not the specific comment)

Anonymous said...


this is very dirty language typical from the left.

Anonymous, Free Staters like people to believe they support freedom. Is that in fact accurate?

Freedom has limitations. Don't believe me? I have rights. So do you. If we have divergent interests that collide, where's the boundary? Do we get to run roughshod over the other?

I think you know the answer is no. So what we have as a starting point is: my rights end where yours begin. How do we resolve disagreements? Well, we can try to settle it ourselves, but what if we can't?

Right there you have the first need for government.

Do I have the right to harm you? Your property? You wouldn't like it much if I did, right? Who says it is wrong? You? Or does society recognise the wrong and codify it?

We have a whole range of rules codified, some in the Constitution, a lot more in laws passed by states and the federal government - which each of our states recognised as the topmost authority in our country.

Those rules exist to keep order. So do courts.

Beyond disputes, we recognise a need to advance society, to build a better country and world. How?

Education is first and foremost. The right would have you believe it starts with defence, but that's cart in front of the horse. We this, we need schools.

We need police protection. Fire departments. Prisons. Roads. I could go on. We build economic floors under people so we mitigate poverty and homelessness. Over time, rights have expanded in this country, not contracted, something we see playing out now for the lgbtq community of which I am a part.

None of those things are infringements on freedom. They are civic responsibilities that achieve a greater goal, with compassion.

I agree with calls to legalise marijuana. I have spent time with people sentenced for long periods of time for things like growing the stuff. From what I can see, dealing with this issue is the impetus for a lot of young folk looking toward libertarianism. The problem there is it throws away so many other things that are good for the sake of achieving a goal that can be accomplished with one law change.

Believe in human rights. Stand up for people, for their dignity, health, and well being. We can end injustices, but why one would wish to create more in order to achieve one is beyond me.

I'll put my name on this.

~ nelle douville

susanthe said...

Dear Recent Anonymous - you attempted to leave a message that contained an attack on someone who has posted a comment here. Someone who is not me.

I'm afraid I'm sick of all you anonymous cowards at the FSP. If you want to post a message to another person here, you sign your fucking name to it or you can expect it to go in the trash, where it belongs. You boys are all packing guns, but you're too scared to sign your name to a blog post? Man up.