Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two Free Staters Debate the Merits of Cop Killing

Adam Kokesh and Christopher Cantwell are both Free Staters. Oh, sure - Cantwell was kicked out of the FSP last September, in a big public show, but that's really all it was. He's still their pal. Ian Freeload of Free Keene is constantly imploring Cantwell to move to Keene. The expunging was a charade, aimed at showing the public what nice peaceful folk the FSP are, while they were in the middle of the Concord Bearcat incident, with FSP President Carla Gericke howling outrage and victimhood every day.

As readers may recall, the Concord police chief had filled out a grant form for a Lenco Bearcat citing the potential domestic terrorist threat of the Sovereign Citizens, Occupiers and the Free State Project. The last thing the FSP wanted was to have Cantwell's rhetoric go public to buttress the chief's argument. Cantwell had to be silenced, so that the FSP could continue to spread their bilge about how peaceful they are. It's unfortunate that the complicit media never seems to question how real a commitment to peace a group of armed invaders might actually possess. 

This is hard to listen to. The comment section is painful to read. But you need to hear this discussion about when it's okay to start killing cops, in order to end "the state." This is the real Free State Project, folks. Not the clownchildren chalking on sidewalks in Keene. People who are willing to start shooting cops. Would they stop at cops? I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to shoot anyone who disagrees with their agenda. That's where they're likely to start. 


Brian Loudermilch said...

The members of the FSP NEVER manage to grasp one simple FACT:

The vast Majority of the folks that live in New Hampshire WANT all the things that "The State" Provides.

There is a word that describes what you have when there is No State. The Word is ANARCHY.

Anyone who believes that Anarchy is preferable to "The State" should immediately seek the assistance of a MENTAL Health Professional.

Anonymous said...

These people have to be fools. In many other countries, they would be the cause of Marshal Law being declared. They would be "removed" and it would be virtually impossible to oust the dictatorial structure of Marshal Law. What I don't understand is that they don't exactly clarify what will replace the state. If they think they are capable of "running" governing bodies and telling people what to do and how to live, they are fatally mistaken. I think most of us are happy with things. Not everything is perfect but certainly 100% better than idiots like these taking over. They should be stopped. I don't know how, but some govt. entity should be looking at them. In my book, they are terrorists. Anyone who invokes fear or terror qualifies.

Anonymous said...

susan lets schitzo tentency overpowered her. it's a long way from the NAP to shooting people with diff opinions.

let's agree to stop scott brown mr. ndaa idiot and gun grabbing rino

susanthe said...

That second anonymous sounds a lot like David Crawford, the Bard of Keene.

PS - the NAP is a bunch of shite.

Ed Luvs NH said...

One of my biggest fears of the FSP, but first we will have to lets pretend they succeed in their goals and have dismantled our State government, law enforcement and judicial system, is this when we see the assault rifles come out and we are told its their way or else?
Do they and their assault rifles become the new law enforcement and peacekeepers? Does Cantrell blow a fuse and start blasting everyone who disagrees with him?
No Government is perfect and will never suit everyone, but I like ours and it is capable of growing, learning and evolving. And I still believe it is "of the people, by the people, for the people"