Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Vermont Tries Marketing Campaign to Recruit New Residents.

Great Jobs in Vermont:

Gov. Peter Shumlin says a new "Great Jobs in Vermont" campaign will help put job seekers in touch with job openings in businesses. Our message is a simple one," Shumlin explained Wednesday. "We have jobs and we want you.

NH tries the Free State Project:

They draw on sidewalks with chalk and deface the Civil War monument in Keene. 

Vermont is trying to attract all kinds of professionals. NH appears to be trying to attract vandals. 

It seems likely that (once again) Vermont has a better plan. 


Anonymous said...

It is unnerving to think of how the culture of NH is attracting so much poison. The citizens of this state will have to decide how they want to live, let live, be perceived and thrive. It really isn't neurophysics.

Anonymous said...

Govt don't create jobs. They write regulations to prevent creation of jobs. They sometimes relax them for their friends and call it job creation.

Since when a business that doesn't care about bottom line a good practice. If they have problem with budget they just raise taxes

If they can't create jobs then they'll just lie about it. The criteria for unemployment is changed constantly to fit propaganda. According to shadowstats the near 5pct official unemployment is actually near 25pct