Friday, June 27, 2014

Score One for the Good Guys in Fryeburg

Poland Spring/Nestle trucks filling up at the pumping station in Fryeburg, ME.  Nestle pays $10 for that truckload of water. They sell it for $50,000. 

The fight for Fryeburg's water has been going on for many years now. The acrimony has caused deep and permanent rifts among townspeople. Nestle has bullied, intimidated, and harassed the folks who oppose the theft of their water. 

This just happened:

The entire board of the Fryeburg Water District resigned. This is excellent news for those who actually care about the water. The former board seemed interested only in making sure that there would be no citizen oversight of the water, and kissing up to Nestle. An election will be held in September to replace all of the trustees. Time to get some good folks on the board, who understand the need to protect the water - water that should belong to the town. 

Information about the battle to save the Fryeburg Water District:

August 30, 2012  - starts halfway down the page. 

September 4, 2012

September 20, 2012


Stephen Desrosiers said...

Jeanette Almy's name is on there, I never knew this. Why am I not surprised.

Steven J. Connolly said...

Nestle does not profit $50K for the sale of this water.

Self interest and deception from one Susan The Bruce.

It's called fixed and variable costs: ranging from transportation to product packaging to wholesale and retail marketing to the consumer. Nestle makes the industry average of about 2.5% which is more than fair considering the thousands if individuals that are employed by Nestle and the substantial tax base this company creates across the U.S.

I'm confident that Susan The Bruce can't name ten people that are impacted by Nestle using this water. Companies like Poland Springs and Dasani do exactly the same thing.

Is this article an example of deception of course it is.

Steven J. Connolly said...

"Marxism Is The Capitalism of the Working Class."- Oswald Spengler.

Interesting scare tactics you're using there Susan The Bruce. Marxist Lenin and Stalin would be very proud of you.

"Nestlé's profit on water sales in 2009 was upwards of $4.2 billion." And I'm sure and anti-Capitalist like yourself can point to exactly where this number is derived from, including the production costs of the water itself.

It's clear that you haven't done anything here except run your mouth. Why is that not surprising.

"Something is wrong with all of this, and will most certainly be to the detriment of the town of Fryeburg and area water users."

And exactly what is wrong with this Susan The Bruce. Not once have you presented a shred of evidence, including financial analysis that this water usage proposal can't work.

Instead the strategy is scare tactics and deception, and your continual diatribe and whinning that they're are not enough jobs and economic opportunity in New Hampshire.

With Marxist theory like yours it isn't difficult to see why this is the case.

susanthe said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow this is great news. Water is now crucial to every part of the planet and is already proving to be the "new" oil in most parts. Nestle is the giant of water domination and I've read many pieces over the years in various environmental papers that cite this corporation as being the scariest - bar none. Coca Cola and other water/soda companies pale in comparison to the gigantic manifesto and modus operandi of Nestle.

As a side note, it's very difficult to understand the rantings of Mr. Connolly. He must be severely dehydrated or drinking too much dehydrating fluids.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Connolly: it appears that neither reading comprehension nor basic accounting are among your strong suits. Ms. Bruce's article states that Nestle will SELL the water for $50,000. Profit is the difference between SALES and expenses. Ms. Bruce doesn't discuss Nestle expenses, only their sales.