Thursday, June 05, 2014

Carroll County Commissioners Want to Oust Asha Kenney

The woman in pink, at the far right (!) is Asha Kenney. Mrs. Kenney is a Carroll County Commissioner, this is a CCC meeting, and she is sitting in her customary surly pose. Mrs. Kenney has been very unhappy with everything during her tenure on the Carroll County Commission. 

Her unhappiness has reached a new level. The Conway Daily Sun reported today that Mrs. Kenney's fellow commissioners have pledged to remove her from office. Now, Asha Kenney has done a lot of obnoxious things since she's been in office. She was accused of  illegally taping meetings. (She was elected secretary but couldn't seem to take notes.) A few weeks ago she demanded 2,000 county employees W-2 forms. A former county employee filed a grievance against Commissioner Kenney, which includes mentions of all kinds of bizarre behavior on the part of Mrs. Kenney. 

But it all pales in comparison to this:
An alleged verbal attack on a county employee by Carroll County Commissioner Asha Kenney which included the accusation the employee's daughter is a prostitute has prompted the other two commissioners to try to remove Kenney from office.
The two commissioners, chairman David Sorensen and David Babson Wednesday also voted to censure her. 

Holy schnitzel! She accused a county employee's daughter of being a prostitute? 

It seems that Asha Kenney (wife of One Executive Councilor Joe Kenney - am I a jerk for bringing that up in a story about her? You bet I am.) has been harassing Deb Newlin for some time. More from the Conway Sun story:
Newlin alleged Kenney's "hostility" towards her began in 2012 after Newlin denied Kenney access to personnel files that were not available for "random viewing."
In one instance, Kenney emailed incoming HR director Wynette DeGroot, even before DeGroot started working, to tell DeGroot about how Newlin should be fired.
The most recent incident against Newlin occurred on May 28. Newlin had just come back to work after taking medical leave.
According to Newlin, Kenney was "so disturbed" by Newlin's return that she launched into a "45 minute tirade" at the business office. Newlin did not hear the tirade herself but learned of it from others.

"In the course of this tirade, Mrs. Kenney stated that I have a twin sister who is in prison for life on death row for murdering her mother-in-law by stabbing her in the neck," said Newlin. "Mrs. Kenney went so far as to show staff members a picture she had on her cell phone, which she claimed is a picture of my twin, and asked 'see, doesn't it look just like her?' Mrs. Kenney then told staff that she is afraid to have me upstairs and afraid of what I might do. She further claimed that my husband got me pregnant at the same time his ex-wife was pregnant. She stated that I also have a brother who is no good. She then stated that I have a daughter working as a prostitute in California."
This takes bizarre to a whole new level. 
Video of the meeting:
The discussion about removing Asha Kenney from office begins early in the video. This video was recorded on June 4, 2014. 

Mrs. Kenney has had problems with anger and impulse control since the beginning of her term. 

Note how sweet she is to everyone. 

There are no procedures for removing most elected officials from office in NH. Asha Kenney should, of course, resign at once. Is she smart enough to do that? I don't think so. She is deeply invested in her own victimhood.

Will her husband, Joe Kenney, who will be running for re-election in November decide he needs to shut down this shitshow, before he gets some on him?

Stay tuned.  

h/t to Dave Babson and David Sorenson for doing their best to protect county employees from this abusive woman.


Brian Loudermilch said...

Some reminders about Common Sense and Good Manners:

"If you have Nothing Nice to Say, then don't say Anything".

"It's Much Better to keep your Mouth SHUT and let other people think that you Might be smart rather than opening your mouth and immediately Removing ALL Doubts".

Anonymous said...

XMs. Newlin was courageous to come forward and read her statement especially as this appalling behavior of Asha Kenney has gone on since she came into office with little or no action taken to censure her. Kudos to Commisioner Babson for calling her out and fighting to end this sideshow. I believe Asha Kenney is on a mission to not only disrupt but to render county government disfunctional. Her mission has failed. Hopefully, the commissioners will succeed in having her removed so business can proceed in a civil manner. No one should have to abide such abuse.

samiinh said...

It appears to me that a libel suit would be in order.

Anonymous said...

I disliked A.Kenney the very first time I met her when she was campaigning for her job. She was unable to look me in the eyes and didn't appear comfortable with pointed political questions. And NO NO NO Susan, you are NOT petty to mention that she is married to Joe Kenney. We are judged by the company we keep as we should be. Watching his wife in action casts a toxic shadow over him and if he wishes to further his political career (which we all know he does) he should cut ties with the poison that this woman presents to the town. She appears either disturbed, out of control or something!! My opinion from just reading about her. Completely inappropriate behavior. Hope they lose her in a big way.

Anonymous said...

I find it impossible to post comments here with my own name. Anne Onimous is a friend but I don't wish to have her tarred with my brush. Bob