Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scott Brown, Nuclear Weenie

It started here:

Scott Brown's "energy plan for NH" called for more "safe, clean nuclear energy." 

As we all know, nuclear power is none of those things - and in fact, one reason NH has such high electric rates is because of Seabrook Station. The financial mismanagement, the bankruptcy, the junk bond bailout - surely I'm not the only one who remembers. NH isn't likely to support the building of another nuke plant. 

Note the date and time. 

I checked into my twitter account and found this:

Naturally I felt compelled to respond - but much to my surprise:

So Scott Brown's peeps followed me long enough to leave me a direct message, then unfollowed me? 


Anonymous said...

i'm a free stater and i oppose nukular because it's how bush said it. but i oppose almost everything that's centralized (because also it's a liberal wet dream) because the taxpayers end up subsidizing them. plus the government that the left and right try to hard to prop up turns a blind eye to accountability when it comes to big biz. the nuclear industry lobbied the government to drop most if not all liability they would have for local populations.

liberty means getting rid of parasites and the nuclear industry is one of many -- and as parasitic as many government agencies including the dept of education, energy, blm, irs, interior...

Without leeching from taxpapers and government subsidies, nuclear technology can not exist. cost analysis of entire life cycle from mining to disposal of fuel and decommissioning plants shows it can't exist, and experience shows that too.

the moron who loves gun control and the NDAA can't possibly go against shaheen anyways. I'll hold my nose and campaign for democrats seriously.

Brian Loudermilch said...

New Hampshire has been working on local Energy development Long
before Scott Brown decided to launch his recent Invasion.

Electrical Engineers and local residents have been working on
The Northern Pass project for Years.

Once Again, Our favorite Massachusetts Carpetbagger wants to give US a "Solution" for a
problem that WE Already Solved
BEFORE He arrived.