Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cop Killers Love CopBlock

If you have a Facebook page, you've probably seen memes from Cop Block. Many people who are concerned about the militarization of police departments post Cop Block memes, including some of my friends.

 CopBlock claims their goal is police accountability:

We do not “hate cops.” We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights. The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.
Those of us who write for and are responsible for CopBlock.org affirm that violence is not condoned except in the defense of self or others - while we recognize the rights of other individuals to use the CopBlock name, we do not recognize those that do not affirm and live by that statement. [click here for more on the non-aggression principle]
They claim they don't condone violence, but note how they weasel out of responsibility "we recognize the rights of other individuals to use the CopBlock name... but we don't recognize those who do not affirm and live by that statement..." 
Well, except for this guy. Christopher Cantwell is in favor of dead cops. He blamed Steve Arkell, the Brentwood, NH police officer recently killed in the line of duty, for his own death. 
He cheered on Justin Bourque, the young guy who killed three RCMP officers and wounded 2 others. 

As you can see, it says this Tweet is from CopBlock. The same CopBlock that claims it doesn't condone violence. As it happens, Cantwell is a frequent contributor who appears to be entitled to tweet as CopBlock. Given that Cantwell approves of killing cops, it's difficult to take the CopBlock bleatings about nonviolence and the so-called "non-aggression principle" very seriously. 
Amanda Miller, who, along with her husband Jerad Miller went on a spree in Las Vegas where they killed 2 cops in a pizzeria and a bystander in a WalMart, had a YouTube channel where she "liked" a bunch of videos about the moocher rebellion at the Bundy Ranch. She also "liked" this video from CopBlock:
So who IS CopBlock? Adam Mueller aka Ademo Freeman tells us all about it in this history written in 2010. The founders and behind the scenes guys are mostly from the Free State Project, the group of libertarians (or armed miscreants if you prefer) who are attempting to occupy, colonize, and take over NH. 
  • Jason Talley, who donated the theme and his time to get Cop Block off the ground
  • Pete Eyre, who guest blogs and post videos of his police encounters
  • Ian & Mark of Free Talk Live, who have helped spread the message of Cop Block on their show, which lead to an anonymous donor. Who now helps Cop Block sponsor police brutality segments on FTL.

Jason Talley is a Free Keener. Pete Eyre is a Free Stater/Free Keener who comes to us from the Cato Institute, the Drug Free Alliance, and the Institute for Humane Studies - all libertarian enterprises funded by the Koch bros. 
Ian and Mark of Free Talk Live are Free Keeners. Ian is Ian Bernard aka Freeman a trustifarian moocher who claims his home is a church in order to get out of paying taxes, and Mark is aka Mark Edge, though his real name is Edgington. He comes to us from Florida, where he spent 9 years in prison for strangling a motel manager. 
And that's the point. CopBlock is the Free State Project. The FSP loves to tell us that they're here for freedom, and they are peaceful people. Underneath those claims of peace are a roiling, nasty, violent stew - Chris Cantwell, Larken Rose, Vin Suprynowiscz, Muni Savyon and  Darryl W. Perry to name a few. Then there are the Free Keeners who follow meter readers around with video cameras and harass them. That's not the act of peaceful people. It's intentionally antagonistic and bullying. Dave Ridley, the wannabe Stossel (or at least Jimmy O'Keefe) of the Free State Project stalks and harasses female legislators in the Legislative Office Building. Ian FreeLoad urged his followers to "ambush" Representative Janet Wall. 
I am certain that the same people who say guns don't kill people will come by to tell me that CopBlock doesn't kill cops. My friends who put CopBlock memes on their Facebook pages have never watched the "when should you shoot a cop" video, and will be horrified to learn it exists. They'll be horrified to listen to Larken Rose, the tax dodging Free Stater and anarchist whose words are heard in that "when should you shoot a cop" video. 
My friends aren't going to kill cops. But Justin Bourque did. So did Jerad and Amanda Miller. They all had CopBlock in common. And CopBlock comes from the Free State Project in NH - which is the home of the first in the nation presidential primary. In fact, the FSP is attempting to get a big chunk of folks here in time for that primary. Peaceful intent or something more sinister? It's worth pondering. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing to ponder on this one. It is sinister or simply put, a terrorist group. We were all shocked, dismayed and outraged at the Aryan Nazi couple who gunned down two cops and an innocent bystander because they had chips on their shoulders. All these freaks can bleat all they want about "rights", "corruption" or anything else. The bottom line is that humans always have a personal MO. And it is usually uncontrollable rage.

Of course there will be law enforcement who take advantage of their power. It is the nature of human personality. Regardless of the profession, there are always jerks who make things difficult for the rest. The important thing is to whistle blow and not enable nor support bad behavior when we see it. Anyone who condones murder is a headcase and needs help. Or rather, why don't these violent people turn their weapons on themselves thus giving the rest of us the peace we seek. I for one love law enforcement and always bear in mind they are the only one's standing between me and violent jerks.

irving said...

research how many people have been killed by cops... STD, you only put quotation marks on the beginning part of "when you should kill a cop" toward the end there..

susanthe said...

Thanks Irving! I've fixed my quotation marks so as not to upset your finely tuned punctuation sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

There were other groups who were involved in terrorism according to the Government:
American Indian Movement
Black Panthers
Earth Liberation Front
Weather Underground

Anonymous said...

^^Haha exactly it's insane how brainwashed people are to think everything anti government is "terrorist" watch some more FOX news Susan I'm sure they'll tell you what to think for your next post. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's not "weaseling" out of responsibility. If they aren't advocating violence, then they aren't advocating violence, and anyone who commits violence while claiming to be a follower of the Cop Block's platform isn't actually following it.

Your logic, on the contrary is very weasel-y though.

susanthe said...

Speaking of weasels, nothing says "weasel" like an armed Free Stater who is too cowardly to sign their name to their post.

Anonymous said...

This is another example of how people use others to get what they want with impunity under Freedom of Speech. It's exactly like Wahabism being planted into the minds of young men and women. A simple idea can become a dangerous thing when given to the wrong people and CopBlock is doing exactly that. It's fueling an unnecessary hate for people who are doing their jobs. Granted that there are bad apples within LE, but that doesn't mean the whole LE community is bad. It's a waste of time to even argue that CopBlock is protecting people's rights in the name of liberty when it contradicts it's own statements and promotes violence against Officers. Our Justice System is not perfect. We are where we at today because we've moved forward from the Dark Ages. CopBlock, like Wahabism and tens of millions of others with a radical idea is fighting to bring about their own regime. If you don't like it here you are welcome to go to another country and live. Maybe Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and North Korea would be a better place for CopBlock to start mouthing off because we don't need CopBlock here starting another problem for society. We have enough problems as it is. There are good Libertarians and there are bad ones. CopBlock is blurring the lines and giving bad apples the tools to effectively combat LE. I wouldn't be surprised if CopBlock is funded by terrorists.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of webspace...

Cop apologists are some of the dumbest members of society, this blog author included.

I hope someday you become a victim of their racketeering and intimidation.

susanthe said...

I appreciate your good wishes, anonymouse. I hope one day you're brave enough to sign your name to your childish comments.

Aaron Clark said...

You just hates people who are against this violence criminal gang called the United States Government and you want to say all kinds of stupid shit about the Free Staters just to so you tug your government worshiping cock.

Aaron "Aeecee Clark - Future mover for the FSP.

PS: Chris Cantwell was kicked out of the FSP because of the avocation of killing cops.

susanthe said...

How edgy and daring you are, Aaron Clark.


Aaron Clark said...

I like how you to pick on Mark Edge for a mistake he make over two decades ago and even though he paid his so called debt to society and is a completely different person from what he was back then and has a wife and a son you like to use that as a tool for your hate of Free Staters you are pathetic and also calling Ian with the title Freeload real mature. If you are going to act like a cunt at least grow the fuck up somewhat with your critiques.

susanthe said...

Again, how daring and edgy you are, Aaron Clark.

You display the emotional (and intellectual) maturity of a 13 year old boy. Do us all a favor - stay wherever it is that you are. NH doesn't need another dumb, angry, misogynistic jackass with a propensity for violence.

Aaron Clark said...

No thanks I would like some freedom in my life and I am not getting any staying in Ohio. And dont talk about being me being immature and angry when you are the one spreading hate and lies toward people whose ideology you disagree with.

susanthe said...

How naughty of me to tell the truth about the cult you want to join. Your whining and name calling have ceased to be interesting, Aaron.

koutar said...

This is epic bullshit. Nothing, but cynical propaganda and complete denial of corruption. You know damn well Cop Block is to support people against the crimes of the police. Helping support video cam laws and reporting good and bad that the police do. Just because you have a badge doesn't grant you extra rights or rights from the laws everyone else has to follow. You just are trying to ignore a massive problem and point fingers elsewhere. They also support the safety of good cops who are fired, killed, or framed for trying to expose the bad and even ex-cops support cop-block because they know the police force is corrupted. They report ALL police activity good and bad. You don't know anything of the truth- only your own twisted ideology of what fits what you want to believe. You have a right to your opinion, but not your own facts. They investigate the police because we all know it does not make sense to have the people who have committed a crime investigate themselves. Wake up. It's perfectly fine to change your opinion or beliefs based on factual evidence rather than be arrogant and live in ignorant bliss like some holy-know-it-all. You don't even seem to understand what the word "cult" means either. As far as any logical sensible mind knows that cop block has nothing to do with ideologies of man made gods and group together to bless them. Seriously, educate yourself before speaking. Foolish moron. I highly doubt you'll even allow this to be approved because you don't like anything that actually goes against your false information. Typical narcissistic characteristics. Only want to believe what you want regardless if the truth is layed out for you.Sorry, I ran out of crayons so I can't draw this up for you to understand in your weak childish mind frame.

susanthe said...

Koutar - I take it that pouty word salad is supposed to keep me from noticing that for all your whining, name calling, and accusation, you failed to provide a single instance where I was wrong.

You failed.

TaylorMade said...

Here is something I just have to relate after reading some of this enlightening information. A couple of years ago my company was seeking a government contract for the sale of some specialty items. The agency had a "law enforcement" connection of sorts that could have benefited from some of our applications. I was at lunch with my contact and the conversation led to a discussion of Cop Block. I was a bit taken back when he chuckled and told me Cop Block was a valuable resource to law enforcement. Huh? Well, it seems that Cop Block has been infiltrated for years. "Explain", I said. I was astounded when informed that the site was monitored and used in various manners. It has been used to track gun runners, sexual predators and others who frequent the site. Apparently these guys carry their laptops and smart devices with them and as soon as they stop at a motel, truck stop or comfort station they just have to go to Cop Block. "It's better than having a GPS transmitter in their car" he said. Not only that but some regular posters are in fact law enforcement agents. "Our computer savvy guys can look like an 80 year old grandmom in Oregon if anyone tries to check them out. They're that good". In fact some of the more aggressive and abrasive comments come from agents who are "stirring the pot to see what floats to the top". I wondered if he thought Cop Block was aware of this and he laughed and told me they have known for quite awhile. They just avoid talking about it. If they deny such things are going on it goes directly against their manta. To acknowledge that they are in fact a police tool (in more than one way) could seriously affect hat and t-shirt sales. So, avoid the subject. Strangely I found out that Amazon was considering dropping Cop Block due to complaints and the fact they sell tons of police gear and make more money on that end. They were asked to continue their association. More data to be gained on who is buying their stuff. Contrary to belief there are many in criminal justice agencies who wish Cop Block a long, long and fruitful life.