Thursday, June 19, 2014

NH HRA Ratings and Efffectiveness: Top 15

NH State Rep. JR Hoell earned a 99% rating from the NH House Republican Alliance, for "supporting the party position." In other words, he voted the way he was told. I decided to take a look at the bills Rep. Hoell sponsored and how many of those bills passed. None, as it turns out.

A reader asked me to give the same treatment to some of the other legislators on House Republican Alliance voter scorecard, and I agreed. 

Without further ado, the top 15:

100% rated Moe Villeneuve sponsored zero bills. 

100% rated Ralph Boehm sponsored 13 bills. 7 failed, 3 passed, and 3 went to interim study. 

100% rated Carol McGuire sponsored 25 bills. 7 failed, 12 passed, 2 tabled, 4 went to interim study. 

100% rated Stephen Palmer sponsored 2 bills. Both passed. 

100% rated Jane "Carpetbag" Cormier resigned at the end of the session. Her profile (profiles include a listing of bills sponsored) is no longer online at the State House website, which is true of everyone who resigns. 

100% rated Richard Meaney resigned before the end of session. 

100% rated Gary Azarian resigned before the end of session. 

99.2% rated Pamela Tucker sponsored 17 bills. 12 failed, 4 passed, 1 sent to interim study. 

99.1% rated Gary Daniels sponsored 7 bills. 2 died, 3 passed, 1tabled, 1 died in committee of conference. 

99% rated JR Hoell.

99% rated Jeanine Notter sponsored 13 bills. 7 failed, 4 passed, 1 tabled, 1 interim study. 

99% rated  Laura Jones sponsored 17 bills.  5 failed, 7 passed, 2 tabled,  3 interim study. 

98.3% rated Dan McGuire sponsored 19 bills. 13 died, 6 passed. 

98.3% rated Robbie Parsons sponsored one bill. It failed. 

98.3% rated Emily Sandblade sponsored 20 bills. 10 died, 4 passed 2 tabled, 3 interim study, and 1 died in committee of conference. 

98.2% rated Dan Itse sponsored 39 bills. 33 of them failed, 3 passed, 1 tabled, 2 went to interim study.

This is - at best - a very crude tool for assessing the effectiveness of a legislator. Everything depends on what the legislator's goal is. If the goal is to pass legislation, than some of these people aren't doing very well. If the goal is just to propose a lot of nuisance legislation and gum up the works, those same people are raving successes. 

One final GOP legislator - an old pro,  just for contrast:

82.3% rated Gene Chandler sponsored 33 bills. 11 failed, 17 passed, 2 tabled, 2 interim study, and 1 died in the committee of conference.  

Food for thought. 



Anonymous said...

I can imagine the hilarious conversations of the Koch's and their cohorts at their regular banquets. They must range from "there are so many idiots out there they deserve our dictatorship" to, "wow, it's easier to divide and conquer than we ever imagined. Who ever thought that the poorer masses would support our agenda? It's great. Mindlessness is a beautiful thing".

The truthful sadness of all this, is that we are a nation now so divided, that we are beginning to resemble a more organized form of Iraq, Afghanistan and many other nations. Ironic isn't it?

Just today NPR pundits were discussing how right and left wing individuals are not associating and live separately in neighborhoods and cities. We are entering a time of great disturbance. Head for the hills, the idiots are in charge.

George Lambert said...

If Susan had done the "top 20" I would have been the bottom of the top 20 list.

susanthe said...

Yet you managed to call attention to yourself anyway, Rep. Lambert. Bravo.